About Us

Arielle Anne, way more than just a name...

Arielle  -  Ah-Ree-EHL

Female and french version of the name Ariel. It means "Lion of God" in Hebrew. Composed by 2 elements, from ('Ari) meaning "lion" to ('el) meaning "God".

Anne  AN 

French form of the name Anna which comes from Hannāh in Hebrew. Anne means grace, gracious, full of grace.

A mix of both creates a unique energy, a lot of fierceness, elegance, grace... a true blessing. It's about being confident and comfortable in your own skin. It’s about being your own kind of beautiful and beautiful in your own way since beauty comes from within. The truth is that everybody is different and being different is what is beautiful but also what makes YOU beautiful. 

Our motto: "Beauty is an art and you are the canvas".

Our mission: Providing you with a collection of cosmetics, lashes and makeup tools that have the common goal of accentuating your natural beauty and features. Some products are made for everyday use while others are more to make a statement, for an event, evening or a night out. We are dedicated to understanding your needs, likings and desires. We want our products to make you feel good and happy when you look in the mirror. Here is where beauty meets quality.

Our products are all cruelty free.

Arielle Anne Cosmetics 
was created by Arielle Anne herself and she named it after her because the brand represents everything that she believes in and lives by. The two, Arielle and Anne, creates the perfect balance. Therefore, that explains why she wanted to share and transfer that feeling into every aspect of the brand and thoughtfully pick every single product. With her being an esthetician, makeup artist and hairstylist, she uses the knowledge that she gained working in the beauty industry to create and provide quality products to help you get the results that you are looking for.